Tanisha Drummer Parrish

Law of Attraction

I mentioned in a previous posts that I listened to an audio book and wanted to briefly post about it. I decided to try this instead of reading because I realized that I haven’t had to time to read on this trip. I usually do a lot of reading when I’m on vacation because it helps me relax and escape mentally. On this trip writing has been that therapy. So that let me to the audiobook. I had doubts that I’d be able to actively listen to the whole thing without drifting off, but it turned out to be perfect in this setting. I started listening to it while waiting in the train station, on the train and while walking around the city. Occasionally, I missed not being about to write things down, but the fact that I could “reread” this entire book in two hours made up for it.

The book I choose was: Law of Attraction: The Science of Attracting More of What You Want and Less of What You Don’t Want by Michael Losier. I had already read The Secret, which is another book on this same topic, and hoped it wouldn’t be a repeat of that, but it picks up right where The Secret leaves off. It gives you tangible ways to change your thoughts, beliefs and words. As someone who likes to take action, I enjoy books that make me feel inspired to take action after reading it. This book did that and I started some of the exercises immediately.

I’d highly recommend this (audio)book to anyone wants to make changes in their life, especially if you’ve read and enjoyed The Secret. I also recommend audio books for anyone who enjoys reading but doesn’t have the time to sit and read.

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