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Tanisha Parrish

Tanisha Parrish is a business strategist and life coach who strives to maximize the growth of individuals, teams and organizations. She has spent the past decade working as a management consultant, strategist, and project manager in the retail, consumer goods, and hospitality industries.

She holds a B.S. in Organizational Change from Northwestern University, an M.B.A. from Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business, and Coach certification from the Coaches Training Institute (CTI).

I am a innovator, maximizer, and enhancer

I know how to build upon, elevate, and transform things that already exist. I thrive on taking good things and making them great. Once I learned this about myself, I started to apply very important small changes to things that were already working in my life. I put my life under innovation! 

My blog is a place where I share these life experiments. Some have turned out better than others, but all contribute to creating the best prototype ever…me.

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Practicing Gratitude

“It’s not joy that makes us grateful. It’s gratitude that makes us joyful.” – Jesuit priest It’s easy to lose sight of what we appreciate in

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Invest in Yourself

Coaching is a conversation that makes a difference. The process of coaching uses an inquiry-based method that allows you to explore, define, and take action on what you want. I work with accomplished people who simply want more out of life. 

Are you feeling unfulfilled? 

Do you want to transform one or more parts of your life? Find out if coaching is right for you. Everyone is on the verge of being great and it’s my job not to let you off the hook

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Tanisha Drummer Parrish

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