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Tanisha is brilliant and delivers smart, sound, actionable advice.

She is one of the top people I have on speed dial to help me at any turn. She’s an incredible and thoughtful leader who always seems to be able to ask the right questions and deliver relevant solutions to help me solve the challenges I face.

– Detavio Samuels

CEO Revolt Media

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Tanisha's coaching was a key turning point in my career

I learned to ask and act with clarity on what was best for our customers, company, and me personally. My experience with Tanisha was transformational as I built a long-term habit of pausing to create space and reflect on the next best decision.

– Jessica L.

VP, Social Impact, Unity Technologies

Tanisha’s has been incredibly skillful at helping me to identify and ask myself the “right questions”

Not just professionally, but personally as well.   She has forced me to go beyond what I believed my own personal limitations were and to make some serious life breakthroughs.  The truths are evident, Tanisha just helped me realize some of the ciritcal ones I was not able to identify for myself.

– Janel F

Partner, Boston Consulting Group

I have enjoyed Tanisha’s approach of being simultaneously focused on results while being flexible

…to my  goals, interests and ongoing commitments. The combination has encouraged me to strive hard in the workplace but at a pace that I can sustain over the long run.

– Ray M.

Accenture, Houston, TX

Tanisha Drummer has encouraged me to set realistic goals to support my professional growth and development.

Her keen insight and business knowledge have helped improve the quality of my services. She has been an excellent coach who listens to my needs and is genuinely interested in my success.

– Domonique M.

Private Practice Psychotherapist; Chicago, IL

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