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Go ahead and decide!

Go ahead and decide.

Making a decisions will not get easier by putting it off until later. When a decision is called for, go ahead and make it.

If you keep your options open for too long, those options will no longer be available to you. Choose one option based on the best information you have at the time and go with it.

Give sufficient thought and consideration to your decisions, but don’t drag them out endlessly. The sooner you get started taking action on a decision, the more effective you’ll be.

Accept the fact that you won’t make the perfect choice every time. And remember that you’ll have opportunities to adjust your approach if things don’t work out the way you planned.

You cannot predict the future yet there is much you can do to intelligently and effectively prepare for it. Instead of agonizing over what might or might not happen, get busy creating value that will be there no matter what happens.

Go ahead and decide. The sooner you decide, the more time and energy you’ll have to make the decision work out the way you intended.

— Ralph Marston

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