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Write a Congratulatory Letter for 2013

http://www.dreamstime.com/-image25921174Last year, I got the idea to write myself a congratulatory letter for 2012 documenting all that I wanted to accomplish this year. I just opened the letter and was excited to see that I had accomplished about 90% of what was on the list. I then wrote out a “Year in Review” and added other things I was proud of, that were not listed. This is a tradition I plan to continue and even brought my husband into the fun this year.  We just finished our letters for 2013 and shared them with each other.  I was blown away by some of the things he wrote and the exercise got us both excited about the future.

This is a great tool that I want to share with others as it has been a source for clarity and excitement for me. Here are the rules:

  • Write a letter congratulating yourself on everything you want to accomplish during the upcoming year. Start with an inspiring opening statement to open the letter.
  • Create a theme for the year (e.g. Year of transformation, saying no, saying yes, etc.)
  • List high level categories for your accomplishments
  • Write your accomplishments statements in detail focused on what you will do and not how you will do it. When you start to think about how you will do something it often because burdensome and you lose the excitement around wanting to do it. So today we are only focusing on the “what” because it opens up greater possibility to dream big.
  • When creating your accomplish statements consider these questions for inspiration:
    • What would you do if you were at your best?
    • What would you do if you weren’t afraid?
    • What have you always wanted to do, but haven’t?
    • What have you seen someone else do that you find interesting and appealing?
    • What problems do you see in the world that you want to change or influence?
  • Include a “Miracle goal”. Create 1 or 2 goals that are super ballsy and almost impossible without help from God. This is where you get to dream big! Ask your
  • Print the letter. Put it in an envelope and place it in a safe place. You can also put it on a vision board if you would like it to be visible.
  • Set a calendar reminder on your calendar to open letter at the end of 2014 and include the location of the letter so you know where to find it. Include the physical location and file name and location on your computer.
  • At the end of the year, re-read the letter and relish in all that you have accomplished in the past year. Add other things that you accomplished that were not included on the original letter.
  • Make it a shared experience! Include your significant other, spouse, parents, children, close friends, business partner, or work team.
  • Have fun and get creative!

Here’s a template you can use to structure your letter. I encourage you to get creative and a make this a true reflection of you. Change the categories. Draft an inspiring and meaningful introductory paragraph that is the a reflection of your highest self.


Example Letter

December 31, 2012

Congratulations [Insert Name]!

You have had an amazing year in 2013. You are writing the next chapter of the book of your life. You have achieved everything you set out to and more. The blessings that were bestowed upon you were grander than you could have ever imagined. You are courageous, powerful, influential, and open. This is the year that you catapult yourself and everything around you to the next level.

Here’s a list of all of things you accomplished this year. You may be surprised to find that much of what you accomplished is not listed below. That is because you achieved so much more than you could have ever imagined. Relish in your achievements both professionally and personally. You are walking on the path to greatness! God has a special plan for your life and here is the proof.



  • XX

Personal Development

  • XX


  • X

Health and Wellness

  • X


  • X

Emotional & Spiritual

  • X


  • X


  • X


  • X

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