Tanisha’s Testimonials

“Tanisha is brilliant and delivers smart, sound, actionable advice. She is one of the top people I have on speed dial to help me at any turn. She’s an incredible and thoughtful leader who always seems to be able to ask the right questions and deliver relevant solutions to help me solve the challenges I face.”

– Detavio Samuels, EVP, Director of Client Services at GlobalHue, Serial Entrepreneur

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“Tanisha has been a fantastic coach. She takes the time to understand my working style and current project situation so that she can provide realistic, actionable and specific advice.  Since she started coaching me five months ago, I have felt empowered with the tools and guidance to drive my career in the direction I believe it should be going. From our sessions, I learned how to have effective career discussions with my manager and be proactive about highlighting my work and soliciting feedback. With Tanisha’s help, I feel that I’m receiving more challenging work with greater exposure to senior clients and am making the right kind of progress. I’m in a great place in my career right now thanks to Tanisha.”

– Christie I., Accenture, Management Consultant, NJ

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“It’s rare that a seasoned executive also has a deep understanding of entrepreneurship. And while your company may be beyond startup phase, in order to stay competitive in today’s market it needs to develop its entrepreneurial spirit. Tanisha Drummer and her leadership philosophies can help bring that along with agility, speed, innovation, and results to your life and your organization in the same way she has done for a variety of Fortune 500 companies through her courageous career.”

– Jullien Gordon; CEO of The Department of Motivated Vehicles, NY

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“I am a big dreamer who can get sidetracked and derailed by questioning the details: Is it the right time?  What will people think?  What if it’s too costly? Will it really make a difference?  Too often, I talk myself out what I want for practical, impertinent reasons rather than diving in and seeing what might actually happen. This is a no-go in Tanisha’s future-focused world, and she never accepts “not possible” as a reason for not doing something. When she supports me through major life transitions, her spirited disposition always keeps a positive spin on what’s ahead, and her no-nonsense demeanor keeps me accountable to my goals. She helps you determine a path for getting from point A to point B: no exceptions and no excuses, but with an eye towards realistic, sustainable steps and outcomes. In her eyes, no goal is too lofty if you have a plan for getting there.”

Meghan H.; Former Public Relations Professional turned Educator; Chicago, IL

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“Tanisha showed exceptional leadership during our support of Venezuela’s largest private company where she adeptly managed a mixed team across three different cultures and languages. She is one of the strongest managers I have ever had supervised — I attribute her success to her incredible understanding and development of each individual’s personal strengths and unique contributions. She is someone I personally rely on to listen and help me at critical moments in my own career.”

– Anastasia T.; Senior Manager, Accenture; NY

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“Tanisha has provided an invaluable service to my personal and professional development.  She is exceptional at listening, understanding, evaluating, and offering relevant guidance in just about any situation.  She is extremely skilled at leveraging her education, expertise, and experiences to help me take a look at my present, past, and future goals as I carefully order my steps forward.  Through her coaching I was moved and empowered to take an honest look at my goals and what I am willing to do to obtain them.  Truly insightful coaching, she has been a blessing.  I highly recommend her. “

– Uganda V.; Management Consultant, Accenture, TX

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“Tanisha is an esteemed resource in my job search. She has shown me innovative methods of presenting experience on my resume in an attention-grabbing yet concise manner. I would not think of preparing for an interview without speaking to Tanisha- she thinks far beyond the obvious questions to help me build a case for fit within a role and organization.”

– Shaquita B., Human Resource Manager, Washington DC

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“Tanisha’s has been incredibly skillful at helping me to identify and ask myself the “right questions” –  not just professionally, but personally as well.   She has forced me to go beyond what I believed my own personal limitations were and to make some serious life breakthroughs.  The truths are evident, Tanisha just helped me realize some of the ciritcal ones I was not able to identify for myself”.

– Janel F.; Director, Chicago Public School, Chicago, IL

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“I have enjoyed Tanisha’s approach of being simultaneously focused on results while being flexible – to my  goals, interests and ongoing commitments. The combination has encouraged me to strive hard in the workplace but at a pace that I can sustain over the long run.”

– Ray M., Accenture, Houston, TX

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“Tanisha’s mentorship was thorough and actionable. With her guidance, I received top ratings on my last project and am well-positioned for a promotion (and pay increase)!”

– Eric B., Management Consultant, Houston, TX

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“Tanisha Drummer has encouraged me to set realistic goals to support my professional growth and development. Her keen insight and business knowledge have helped improve the quality of my services. She has been an excellent coach who listens to my needs and is genuinely interested in my success.”

– Domonique M.; Private Practice Psychotherapist; Chicago, IL

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“Tanisha has been a great friend and advisor on a range of topics for over 5 years. Her ability to connect with and understand people is fantastic and enables her to deliver value on both an individual and organizational level.”

– Marquis P.; Vice President, Aon Risk Solutions; Chicago, IL

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  1. Hello Tanisha!

    Happy Friday! I hope all is well. My name is Denise Cruse and im seeking a career coach to help my navigate the career crossroads I’m currently in. I received your information from my friend Simone Boyd. I’d like to learn about your derive offerings/packages, if you are accepting new clients and your fees.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Thank you.


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