“The more special something is, the more people start to take it for granted. It’s like they think it will never change.” – The Wedding by Nicholas Sparks Today I am leaving Tenerife en route to Prague, Czech Republic. This is the final city on my tour of Spain this summer.  Prague is a city … Read more

Sevilla, Spain

Today was a good day. I’m in Sevilla and loving it! I had a great night’s sleep and woke up around noon. I finished watching the movie I started last night, got dressed and left around 2pm for my afternoon in the city. I immediately went to find something to eat since the afternoon siesta … Read more

Planes, Trains and Autobuses

Sunday, I left Madrid for a one week stint in Southern Spain. I am traveling alone as my travel buddies, Ana and Kate, opted for an extra week in the Canary Islands. I love beaches, but there was something about these three cities in Southern Spain that I had to see. Granada, Sevilla and Cordoba are popular cities in … Read more

The Acomodador

Just a few days ago, I was so conflicted about what I would do this summer that I almost ended up doing nothing. So how do you go from two wonderful options to nothing? You allow yourself to get paralyzed by fear. Paulo Coelho calls it the Acomodador, or giving up point (see excerpt below). Looking back, I … Read more

Spain vs. New Orleans

So I was all ready to step outside my comfort zone and spend the summer studying Spanish in Madrid and traveling to Eastern Europe for 6 weeks. I had done all the planning and was close to putting a deposit down. Then, this morning I got a call from a business school classmate who was … Read more