Tanisha Drummer Parrish

Spain vs. New Orleans

So I was all ready to step outside my comfort zone and spend the summer studying Spanish in Madrid and traveling to Eastern Europe for 6 weeks. I had done all the planning and was close to putting a deposit down. Then, this morning I got a call from a business school classmate who was interested in having me work with a non-profit in New Orleans for eight weeks. Wow. Life comes as you fast. So here I am, two hours later seriously considering changing course and changing my plans to head to Europe for this opportunity in New Orleans. It sounds crazy, but there was something compelling about the New Orleans opportunity. So, what’s a girl to do?

Well, I do what I do best and that is analyze both options to death. Option 1: Study Spanish in Spain vs. Option 2: Work with a non-profit in New Orleans. The pros of Option 2 are: it’s more economical, it’s a chance to work with a great non-profit that is making a difference, it will provide work experience to add to my resume, etc.  The pros of Option 1 are: It was the original plan, it will allow me to improve my Spanish and travel internationally, and take a step back from the job search. I guess it comes down to helping myself vs. helping others.  I must make up my mind by Monday, so the decision will come down to this question my friend asked me: Which experience will I be most excited to share with others at the end of the summer?

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