Tanisha Drummer Parrish

Sevilla, Spain

Today was a good day. I’m in Sevilla and loving it! I had a great night’s sleep and woke up around noon. I finished watching the movie I started last night, got dressed and left around 2pm for my afternoon in the city. I immediately went to find something to eat since the afternoon siesta will be in effect around 4pm and food options are limited until dinnertime, which is around 9pm.

Lunch is the best deal here where you can get the “menu del dia” which includes a first and second course dish with a drinks, bread and coffee or dessert for 8-10 euros.

I’m pretty oriented with the city now so I don’t have to wander around staring at a map like I did yesterday. I walked for a bit looking at different menus and found a place on a small, side street. I got a mixed salad and grilled calamari. Vegetables are kind of hard to come by so I try to get a salad when I can. Plus I must gear up for my two hour Arabic bathhouse experience tonight.

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