Tanisha Drummer Parrish

Fasting and My Spiritual Hump

I am on a constant journey to deepen my spirituality and relationship with God. One new avenue for me is fasting. I was introduced to fasting last year when my best friend from high school encouraged me to do so. Her timing was so perfect and I saw it as God’s way of speaking to me. So I gave up meat for a week and did a complete liquid fast on Sunday. At the beginning of the week I wrote down three things I wanted God’s help with in my life and prayed about them five times a day including at every meal. Within the next few weeks, I had clarity on all three areas. I could not believe how quickly God had answered my prayers and decided to make fasting a part of my journey. This year I am fasting for Lent. I had to take baby steps, so I gave up red meat. This has been somewhat of a challenge, but I feel like I should be sacrificing more. I decided to include a few fasting days where I only drink water, juice and tea, but I haven’t been able to successfully follow through on those days yet. I have the free time and the will power, but my mind is all over the place lately and I feel like I’ve taken two steps backgrounds in my spirituality instead of two steps forward. So what do you do when you can’t get over the hump? Keep praying. I’m applying the same drive to this that I did to working out and losing weight four months ago.

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