Tanisha Drummer Parrish

Dwell in possibility

I’ve been back from Spain for three weeks and I’m starting to get bored. The first two weeks flew by because I had a bunch of meetings, coffees and job interviews. I came back with an aggressive, targeted plan for my job search and it worked well, or so I thought. Perhaps I was too aggressive and should have saved some meetings for week 3. This week is going so slow and I have been unproductive to a fault. I know that I am the least productive when I have unstructured free time. It seems counterintuitive, but logical given my action-oriented nature. For the first time since I was laid off six months ago, I actually uttered the words, “I’m ready to start working again”. The horror!

I have not received any offers yet, but I do have a few things brewing. It’s coming…I can feel it. While I’m waiting patiently, I’ll take this time to dwell in the possibility of what’s to come.

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