Tanisha Drummer Parrish

Crossing Paths

“A black cat crossing your path signifies that the animal is going somewhere.” –Groucho Marx

There are times when you cross paths with someone and it impacts you more than you could imagine. It is the one thing that someone says that is so simple, yet so timely; or a chance meeting with a stranger or reunion with a friend or associate that makes all the difference in the world.  You leave feeling refreshed and assured that something about that interaction was meant to be; that God was trying to tell you something.  I had one of these moments this week. A classmate from business school emailed me saying she had a layover in Madrid and wanted to see if we could meet up.  We’re not close and haven’t talked since school, but that never matters with my classmates from the GSB. (I won’t ramble about my love for the GSB and our community, but those who know understand).  So we planned to meet at my flat and then get massages, but when she arrived she was really tired and stressed.  So she took a nap, a shower and we had lunch before she left for the airport. We only spent about an hour talking and in that time she gave me so much positive energy and feedback about the crazy ideas in my head. I didn’t necessarily need her confirmation about the ideas, what I needed was her openness, willingness to listen and ability to connect. We established a connection of trust in that short period of time that I haven’t established with people I’ve known for years.  I naturally do a lot listening and guiding for other, so when I have someone who is willing to listen I tend to go full speed ahead. I realize this is something I have been missing while in Madrid. So here’s to a great, unexpected meeting.  Perfect timing at its best!

Keep your eyes and ears open for messages to help direct your life. Observe the people around you and interactions you have with them.  The conversation you have with the stranger on the train or while having coffee with an old associate may provide the answer you need for the problem your facing.

We are not here alone, so why not rely on the wisdom, gifts and talents of others? Situations that you believe to be insignificant may turn out to be your pot of gold. Instead of running from the black cat, follow it. It may lead you somewhere.

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