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Could my horoscope be right?

A few people have asked what’s next now that I’m back from Spain. Well folks, I am back in Chicago actively looking for a job. I re-started the job search last week by submitting my resume to a few places and fortunately, I’ve gotten a decent number of responses. I had an interview yesterday, one today and one next week. I’m having a second round interview next week and a phone interview with a company I’m really interested in. The difference between my interviews this week and the interviews before I left is that I actually LIKE these jobs. They span very different areas, but all focus on my strengths and incorporate my interests in some way. I can feel the difference. For instance, today I walked into my interviewers office to see all three Strength Finder books on her desk and I got excited. We then spent the next 20 minutes talking about how it was baked into the company’s philosophy and distribution of work. They have one person devoted to people management alone. Having consulted with many major companies, I recognize that this is so far from the norm and am really excited that I found these opportunities. But could the moon have something to do with my good fortune?  According to my August horoscope, the full moon lunar eclipse will bring about a new job and more money. I’ll take that.  Below is an excerpt. Let’s see how this all plays out.

You may have to give up one source of income after the full moon lunar eclipse arrives on August 5, but it looks like a new and better one will soon replace it. With Jupiter prominent, you are destined to go up, up, up in the world. You may have planned for a job switch, but if not, it all seems to work in your favor. Indeed, you may say afterward that your old company did you a favor by not valuing your talents more because your new income will be substantially more lucrative than your former one.       Source: Astrology Zone, www.astrologyzone.com

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