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Class #2: There is hope!

“A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.” -George Bernard Shaw

Today was the second day of class and it was 100 times better than yesterday when I felt like walking out of class. Today I actually understood 75% of what my teachers were saying and attempted to speak a little, although I have a long way to go. The school, Don Quixote, focuses on class sizes of 8 or less. Luckily, my class is very small. There are only two of us and it’s close to getting one-on-one instruction. Muy Bien!   I now have faith that I will now be able to learn a bit of the language after all of this. I guess I’ll start viewing my mistakes as progress instead of set backs. My goal is to write my last journal entry in Spanish.

I said that I would withhold judgment about Madrid and classes until the end of the week, but I must say that Madrid is a beautiful city! The city is clean, the architecture is beautiful and the people are fairly friendly. I rode the metro today and it was so efficient and clean. It’s definitely better than the el train in Chicago. I’ve only been to a few restaurants, but had the some of the best tapas. European food is fresher, lighter and more flavorful than American food. I’ve yet to have paella and sangria….it’s long overdue.

Location: At Don Quixote on break between classes                              Mood: Optimistic

Thumbs up

  • To me for sticking it out and rushing to get the Spanish-English dictionary
  • To Corte Ingles for having American toiletries
  • To the Madrid metro for being one of the best public transportation systems I’ve seen

Thumbs down

  • British Airways for still having my bag

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