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Raise Your Standards!

“What else in your life are you just average at?”   Jillian Michaels

The Biggest Loser is back next week!  I love NBC’s The Biggest Loser because it shows everyday people overcoming an extraordinary obstacle – losing a significant amount of weight in a short period of time. Every day they are pushed beyond their physical limits in the gym and forced to face the emotional issues that got them there. In a previous season, Jillian Michaels (one of the beloved, hardcore trainers for those of you who don’t watch it) made everyone do sprints on the treadmill at speeds of 10 and 12 mph.  These are people who weigh 200 and 300 pounds running on a treadmill at 12 miles per hour. I don’t know about you, but the fastest speed I have ever ran on a treadmill was with my trainer for 2 minutes on 8…and that was a few years ago.

While I do work out fairly regularly 3 times a week, there is something about watching the show that inspires me and makes me want to get up and do more.  When Jillian asked a contestant, “What else in your life are you just average at?”, it made me ask myself the same question.  Where am I holding back in life? Where do I need to make a change?

There is so much more that I can be doing to be the best me and move closer to realizing my dreams. Why am I settling for less?

The process that the contestants go through to lose weight is the same process that we all must go through to make a significant change.

  1. Recognize what you want. Dream big.
  2. Give yourself permission to want it.
  3. Commit to it.
  4. Profess it. Share it with others.
  5. Take the first step. Break down your goal into small steps and think about what’s the very first thing that you must do to make the change.
  6. Get professional support. Hire an expert; someone to be your guide and hold you accountable along your journey (trainer, therapist, coach, designer, financial advisor).
  7. Keep going no matter what. Setbacks are guaranteed to come, but what will define your success is how you respond. Will you go back to the gym after your week long cruise?

Check out this video by Tony Robbins, which I think is one of the best overviews of how to raise your standards by changing your rituals.

Cheers to raising your standards!



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